#298 the Green Man

Kingsley Amis is an author who I feel like I should have read more of, but somehow has eluded me – I read Lucky Jim quite a few years ago but the Green Man only brings the total up to two.

From what I remember of Lucky Jim it’s eponymous hero was far from perfect, but I was still rooting for him, but I don’t really think there’s anything likeable about Maurice Allington – the alcoholic proprietor of the Green Man pub and inn, who is preoccupied with his attempts to bed his friend’s (annoying) wife, ignoring his own (second) wife and teenage daughter, who has come to live with him after her mother’s car accident death. In the meantime, Maurice begins to see ghosts around the (allegedly haunted) pub: his investigations into these sightings eventually overtake his obsessive perusal of Diane.

To be honest I’m not sure how much of a fan I am of Kingsley Amis – I found myself skim reading a lot of this and had to re read quite a few pages because I hadn’t been paying attention properly – and the story itself was quite interesting I suppose so I think it’s something more in his style of writing that doesn’t really grip me, but I think there are still (unfortunately – maybe) a few more of his novels on the list so I can see if that’s true of another book… in time.


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