In 2008 I started reading my way through the list of “1001 Books You Must Read before you Die” in an attempt to broaden my literary horizons and make my reading habits more sophisticated – which is ironic, because I now refuse to read anything that isn’t on the list (the few novels I had to read for university that weren’t on the list – and thankfully there were only a few – I got through with disdain) which is of course extremely childish. 1001 books is a lot of books to read and although I don’t think I’m doing too badly (when I started I’d read 11), I recently realised that there are quite a few novels about which I would now struggle to hold a conversation despite the hours I spent pouring over them.
So here are my thoughts on the books I’m reading, written down while they’re still fresh in my mind: hopefully as an “aide memoire”. I will try not to include too many spoilers.


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